Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a chat tool. Can we turn off the chat in your app?

We can turn off the in-app chat. Our goal is to eliminate redundant communication for your team.

Is the content customizable?

Yes! We have a dedicated team to support path creation and customization. Just send us your discharge instructions and resources, and we'll create customizable pathways to use with your clients.

Who writes the Health and Recovery Paths?

Board-certified veterinary surgeons write all of our Path's. We also have specialists in neurology, orthopedics, and pain management who have added their knowledge to PetPath.

Is there a library of information clients can access to learn more about their surgical procedure or treatment?

Yes, clients can access resources either through automatic prompts based on task responses or by tapping "Library" in the bottom navigation. We can upload the resources you provide for clients and prompt them within the app.

Do you have videos or tutorials for exercises?

Yes. We have created videos by veterinarians for medications, preparing the home, passive range of motion, and more. If you have your own video that you would like to include, we can upload it to PetPath for you.

Can clients set reminders to do certain tasks?

Yes. In the top right corner of the client’s mobile application, there is a clock. Simply tap the clock and create as many reminders as you would like specifically to the day, time, and frequency. Clients usually set these for medications and exercises.

Can we add recovery paths if we do not see one we want?

Yes. Simply send us your protocols and/or recovery instructions and we can add them to PetPath.

Is the auto chat message customizable?

Yes. Upon onboarding, we will ask you what you would like that message to say. For example, “This is not monitored 24/7. For urgent matters, please contact 555-555-5555 or email"

How do clients access PetPath?

We supply your team with an Onboarding Guide and access instructions that can be seamlessly integrated into your PIMS or communication platform. Clients can then easily follow the Onboarding Guide or access instructions to download the app and connect to your practice.

How do I get started?

Contact our team at or click "Schedule a Demo" below.

Does PetPath integrate with our practice management software (PIMS)?

PetPath can integrate access instructions to streamline onboarding with most cloud-based PIMS. If you use the chat tool, data can be downloaded as a CSV file and then seamlessly inserted into the client record.