Our Story

Robin Levitski-Osgood DVM, DACVIM (Neurology) was tired of seeing her pet owners struggle to comply with post-operative home care instructions after treatment and discharge from her practice. Dr. Robin noted that discharge instructions were often overwhelming or misplaced after leaving the practice, which created challenges for pet owners in managing their pet after discharge. She was also very aware of how weighed down her practice teams were in trying to support these discharged patients. The toll this workload took upon her team and business efficiencies was unsustainable.

After coming across a technology similar to PetPath in the human medical recovery space, Dr. Robin recognized this was a missing piece in perioperative care for her patients. PetPath extends the care veterinarians provide beyond the four walls of the veterinary practice and puts it directly into pet owners’ hands. This ensures that owners are getting the right information at the right time, and actively engages them in the recovery process.

PetPath’s innovative recovery support platform is trusted by board-certified specialists at leading veterinary practices around the world.

Our Team

Dr. Robin Levitski-Osgood DVM,
DACVIM (Neurology)

Board Member and Advisor
Dr. Brian Evans, DVM

Board Member and Advisor
Dr. Courtney Campbell, DVM,

Board Member and Advisor
Dr. Natalie Marks

Co-Founder and CEO
Ian Brigden

Medical Director
Dr. Sarah Machell BSc, DVM

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